Human Resource Management System

Criteriontech’s Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a software application that combines various human resource functions and processes into a centralized system. The primary purpose of our HRMS is to streamline HR operations, enhance efficiency, and improve overall workforce management. This system is used by organizations to manage employee data, payroll, attendance, benefits administration, and other HR-related processes.

Key features of our Human Resource Management System include:

  • Employee Database: A centralized repository for storing and managing employee information, including personal details, contact information, employment history, and performance records.

  • Payroll Management: Automation of payroll processes, including salary calculations, tax deductions, and direct deposit. This helps ensure accurate and timely payment to employees.

  • Time and Attendance Tracking: Monitoring and recording employee work hours, absences, and overtime. This information is crucial for payroll processing and workforce management.

  • Benefits Administration: Managing employee benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks. Our HRMS helps track benefit enrollments, claims, and compliance.

  • Performance Management: Facilitating the evaluation of employee performance through goal setting, performance reviews, and feedback mechanisms. This feature supports the continuous improvement and development of employees.

  • Recruitment and Onboarding: Managing the recruitment process, from job posting and applicant tracking to new employee onboarding. This feature helps streamline the hiring process and ensures a smooth transition for new hires.

  • Training and Development: Tracking employee training programs, certifications, and skill development. This feature assists in identifying and addressing skill gaps within the workforce.

  • Employee Self-Service (ESS): Providing employees with access to their personal information, pay stubs, benefits, and other relevant data, allowing them to manage certain HR-related tasks independently.

  • Compliance Management: Ensuring adherence to labor laws, regulations, and company policies. Our HRMS helps monitor compliance and generate reports to support audits.

  • Reporting and Analytics: Generating reports and analytics on various HR metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making for HR professionals and organizational leadership.

By consolidating HR functions into a single system, our HRMS enhances communication, reduces manual paperwork, and provides a holistic view of an organization's workforce, contributing to more effective human resource management.