BMI Machine

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a physical measurement used to assess an individual's total amount of body fat.

The BMI scores give an indirect measure of body fat.

Depending on the BMI value calculated via BMI Machine, it can figure out if you are underweight, healthy weight, overweight or obese.

  • Automatically measures weight, height & body mass index accurately & rapidly
  • Instantaneously displays, how much over/ underweight you are
  • Equipped with highly accurate sensors to give precise results
  • Weight can be measured from 20 kg to 180 kg
  • Height can be measured from 75 cm to 210 cm
  • Data transferable to laptop/ tablet via cable connector/wifi
  • Can be integrated with any HIS/HMS and telemedicine app
  • Fast and accurate
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable results