IV Fluid Measurement System

IV Fluid Measurement System

IV Fluid Measurement System efficiently handles complications related to the regulation of fluids that may cause fluid overload (due to giving too much fluid too rapidly). It usually implies a degree of pulmonary edema or peripheral edema.

The system monitors the exact induced drug per hour that is given to the patient in the critical area. It also detects if any blockages are present.

In case a medicine/drug is mistakenly induced to the patient without calculating the flow rate per hour, the system indicates proper alarms with different color LEDs.

With integrated facilities, this whole scenario can be monitored on the Remote Monitoring Dashboard.

  • Monitors exact fluid administered in ml/hr.

  • Monitors medicine/ drug name.

  • Checks trend as per doctor's requirement.

  • Alarms doctors about fluid imbalance issues with different color LED's.

  • The LCD displays system parameters, such as the volume of fluid drained.

  • The buzzer gets activated when quantity is set through the membrane switch.

  • Tracks alerts for blockages, if found.

  • Integrated with RMD/ HIS.

  • Wireless connectivity.