Smart Ambulance Mobile e-ICU

Smart Ambulance
  • Feature-enriched ambiance to reduce patient death rate in emergency situations.

  • Wi-Fi enabled real time connectivity of ambulance to hospital with telemedicine support (Video and Audio features) to help ambulance staff consult doctors in  hospital.

  • Real Time Monitoring with integrated medical equipment for patient care & support.

  • Monitoring available for patient's vital signs like: ECG, HR, SPO₂, Pulse, NIBP, Respiration Rate, Skin Temp.

  • Provision of Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer for better patient care.

  • Availability of cardiac markers.

  • Facility of blood grouping and blood cross matching.

  • Digital IP camera installed in the Ambulance for doctors/critical care workers to see LIVE patient condition.

  • Live Location Tracking of ambulance facilitated by twin GPS system.

  • Hospital authorities can monitor incoming patient data on wall mounted high definition TVs, tablets, smart phones in central critical care control room.

  • Real time information flow of patient's condition to the hospital enabling remote diagnosis and primary care of patient & reducing rescue response time.