Female Urinary Catheterization

Become an Expert In Urinary Catheterization with Our lifelike Manikin Simulator

A female urinary catheterization manikin is a medical training device specifically designed to help healthcare professionals, nursing students, and medical trainees practice and develop the skills necessary for inserting a urinary catheter into female patients.

  • Anatomical Accuracy: The manikin closely replicates the female pelvic anatomy, including the external genitalia, urethral meatus, and the urethra's internal structure, to provide a realistic training experience.

  • Realistic Tissue Texture: The materials used in the manikin mimics the texture and feel of human tissues, allowing trainees to experience the tactile sensations encountered during catheterization.

  • Replaceable Genitalia and Urethra: The genitalia and urethra components can be easily replaceable to maintain hygiene and ensure durability with repeated use.

  • Variety of Catheter Types: The manikin accommodates various types and sizes of urinary catheters, including Foley catheters and intermittent catheters, to allow for comprehensive training.

  • Integrated Fluid Reservoir: Some models include a fluid reservoir system that allows trainees to practice catheterization while observing urine flow and drainage.

  • Fluid Drainage Simulation: When the catheter is correctly inserted and secured, the manikin should simulate urine flow to provide visual confirmation of correct placement.

  • Feedback Mechanism: The manikin includes a feedback system to indicate when the catheter is properly placed in the bladder, allowing trainees to verify correct placement.

  • Adjustable Difficulty Levels: Instructors can adjust the difficulty level to simulate various clinical scenarios and challenges, allowing for progressive skill development.

  • Comes with mobile app companion on Android and iOS