Intramuscular Therapy

Become a pro in Intramuscular therapy with Our IM Manikin Simulator

Intramuscular therapy, often referred to as intramuscular injection (IM), is a medical procedure in which a healthcare provider delivers medication or substances directly into a patient's muscle tissue. This method of administration allows for the rapid absorption and distribution of the injected substance into the bloodstream, making it an effective way to administer certain medications and vaccines.

  • Realistic Muscle Anatomy: Accurate replicaon of human muscle tissue for realistic IM injection practice.

  • Variety of Injection Sites: Includes multiple injection sites representing common IM injection locations, such as the deltoid, vastus lateralis, and gluteus maximus muscles.

  • Durable and Reusable: Designed to withstand repeated injections without significant wear.

  • Replaceable Injection Sites: Easily replaceable muscle and skin components for hygiene and maintenance.

  • Visual Feedback: Transparent or semi-transparent skin to allow users to observe the needle insertion and medication administration

  • Needle Insertion Realism: Realistic feel of needle insertion, tissue resistance, and the "pop" sensation when entering the muscle.

  • Comes with mobile app companion on Android and iOS