Library Management System

Criteriontech’s Library Management System (LMS) is a software solution designed to automate and streamline the operations of a library. The primary purpose of our LMS is to efficiently manage and organize various library functions, including cataloging, circulation, acquisition, and user management.

Key features of our Library Management System include:

  • Cataloging and Classification: Organizing and cataloging library materials, including books, journals, multimedia, and other resources. This feature involves assigning unique identifiers, such as ISBNs or call numbers, to each item.

  • Circulation Management: Facilitating the borrowing and returning of library materials. This feature includes tracking due dates, managing fines for overdue items, and issuing library cards to users.

  • User Management: Creating and maintaining user profiles, managing library memberships, and tracking users' borrowing history. This feature helps in providing personalized services and tracking the popularity of different materials.

  • Acquisition and Ordering: This feature helps managing the process of acquiring new library materials, including creating purchase orders, tracking orders, and updating the catalog once materials are received.

  • Inventory Management: This feature helps in keeping track of the library's inventory, including real-time updates on available copies, checked-out items, and locations of materials within the library.

  • Search and Discovery: Provides users with a searchable catalog to locate and access library materials. Include advanced search features, keyword searches, and filters to refine results.

  • Reporting and Analytics: Generate reports on various library metrics, including circulation statistics, popular items, and user engagement. This data can inform decision-making and resource allocation.

By automating routine tasks and centralizing library management functions, our LMS helps librarians and library staff enhance efficiency, improve user experience, and maintain accurate records.