Nutri Analyzer

NutriAnalyser app makes it possible for the user to have a quick overview of their food habits and the detailed evaluation and specifications of the nutrients and micro-nutrients entering the body. This simple and intuitive app allows you to track daily food, water, medicine/supplement intake in one place. Check your achieved RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for the day and get recommendations for the next day's meal diet. You can share your recipes, suggest ingredients and add other's recipes and mark them as favourites to try next!

The App has an extensive food and dishes database to choose from for a quick log of your food intake. It shows correlations between foods and how a person feels after eating them in the Mood/Activity tracker. It contains the nutritional info for a wide range of foods which makes tracking your food intake simple.

It helps you to enter your recipes, view other registered recipes, food cooking methods or get an instant meal-by-meal breakdown/total consumption of nutrients.

  • Create own recipes
  • Customize/ Suggest commonly used Ingredients
  • Monitor achieved- RDA
  • Get recommendations for next day's diet
  • Mood/Activity Tracker
  • Calculate Calories
  • Share Recipe Blogs
  • Add family members to one account

In a nutshell, the features of Nutrianalyzer allows its user-members to carry out a range of tasks as follows:

  • Feed daily food, water, medicine/supplement intake and look out for the achievement compared with RDA.
  • Check RDA and achieved quantity of Active Constituents/Nutrients by raw or cooked food.
  • Register your nutritious recipe, check out food cooking methods to try on.
  • Manage your diet style or add family members details to monitor their health.
  • Check medicine-diet prediction.
  • Earn coins on feeding daily diet, water and supplement/medicine intake.
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