Pleural Tap

Become an Expert In Pleural Tap with Our lifelike Manikin Simulator

A pleural tap is a diagnostic procedure used to collect and analyze pleural fluid. It can help medical students learn how to identify the underlying causes of various respiratory and pleural conditions, such as pneumonia, pleural effusion, and lung cancer. Understanding the diagnostic process is fundamental for making accurate clinical assessments and treatment decisions.Gaining proficiency in pleural tap empowers medical students to make informed clinical decisions.

  • Anatomical Realism: The manikin accurately replicates the anatomical structures of the chest and pleural cavity, including the ribcage, sternum, and pleural layers, to provide a lifelike experience.

  • Realistic Skin: The skin surface resembles human skin in terms of texture and feel to provide a realistic tactile experience during the procedure.

  • Adjustable Chest Wall Compliance: The manikin allows for adjustable chest wall compliance to simulate varying levels of resistance encountered during chest wall penetration. This helps students practice adapting their technique based on patient anatomy.

  • Insertion Site Guidance: Visible and palpable anatomical landmarks should be present to guide students to the correct insertion site for pleural tap, typically between the ribs.

  • Fluid Reservoir: The manikin includes a fluid reservoir that can be filled with simulated pleural fluid, allowing students to visualize the fluid return as the needle is inserted, helping to confirm proper needle placement.

  • Realistic Needle Resistance: Replicating the feel of penetrating the pleura, there is a degree of resistance when inserting the needle into the manikin's chest wall.

  • Safety Features: The manikin is designed to minimize the risk of complications during practice, such as pneumothorax or injury to underlying structures.

  • Comes with mobile app companion on Google Play Store and Apple Store.