PTT Wrist Monitor

PTT Wrist Monitor

Wearable technology in healthcare refers to electronic devices that consumers can wear. Such devices are designed to collect data related to users’ health. Wearable healthcare technology accurately monitors pulse, fitness data, and other vital parameters.

Wearable medical devices are crucial for patients suffering from chronic diseases as they enable real-time monitoring of their vitals and timely intervention in case of deviations. Thus, this technology reduces unnecessary hospital trips, making them more efficient and productive in delivering community healthcare. It reduces the cost of healthcare for the patients and encourages proactive health management.

    What makes us different?

  • Continuous Cuffless Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement (CNIBP).

  • We can get all the vital parameters on a mobile device through SMS/ WhatsApp.

  • Live monitoring on “DigiDoctor App”.

  • All parameters can be obtained by a single finger-clip sensor and single lead ECG.

  • Data is directly transferred to the concerned department in the Hospital (HIS) if subscribed.

  • Good for Health Care at Home

    Provides accurate readings of:

  • SpO2

  • ECG

  • Heart Rate

  • Respiration Rate

  • Temperature

  • Pulse Rate