ComfortShift Smart Bed

ComfortShift Smart Bed

ComfortShift, a cutting-edge bed sore preventive device specifically designed for immobile patients in the ICU or those undergoing treatment at home. Our in-house engineering has resulted in a device that not only prioritizes patient comfort but also streamlines the caregiving process.

    Key Features

  • Adaptable to Any Patient Bed: ComfortShift is a versatile device that seamlessly integrates with any patient bed. Its universal compatibility ensures a hassle-free installation  process.

  • Automated Patient Repositioning: With the power of automation, ComfortShift effortlessly changes the patient's position. This not only enhances comfort but also plays a crucial role in preventing bed sores.

  • Easy Manoeuvrability with Minimal Assistance: Health staff or caregivers can easily manage and support the repositioning process. ComfortShift is designed for simplicity, requiring only minimal assistance for operation.

  • Electrical Power Efficiency: The device harnesses the efficiency of electrical power to automate the bed's position changes. This not only ensures reliability but also contributes to a more energy-efficient healthcare environment.

  • Safety and Durability: Patient safety is our top priority. ComfortShift undergoes rigorous testing and is designed to meet the highest safety standards. Its durable construction ensures a long-lasting solution for preventing bed sores.

  • ISO 13485:2016 Compliance: In adherence to the highest quality standards, ComfortShift is designed in accordance with ISO 13485:2016. This certification reflects our commitment to delivering healthcare solutions of the utmost quality.

    Why ComfortShift?

  • Patient-Centric Design: Our device is crafted with a deep understanding of patient needs, ensuring a comfortable and supportive experience.

  • Efficiency in Caregiving: ComfortShift reduces the manual effort required for repositioning, allowing caregivers to focus on other aspects of patient care.

  • Preventive Healthcare: By automating position changes, ComfortShift actively contributes to the prevention of bed sores, promoting better overall healthcare outcomes.