Practice Your Tracheostomy Skills On Our Realistic Manikin Simulator Until You're a Pro

A tracheostomy, also known as a tracheotomy, is a surgical procedure in which a healthcare provider creates a temporary or permanent opening in the front of the neck (the trachea or windpipe) to provide an alternative airway for breathing.Tracheostomies are critical medical procedures hence ensuring correct tracheostomy procedures is essential for patient safety.

  • Realistic Neck and Trachea Anatomy: Accurate replication of human neck and tracheal structures for lifelike training.

  • Replaceable Trachea and Neck Components: Easily replaceable tracheostomy tube and neck skin components for hygiene and maintenance.

  • Adjustable Tracheostomy Tube: The ability to adjust tracheostomy tube depth and placement to simulate various clinical scenarios.

  • Tracheostomy Care Training: Includes features for teaching tracheostomy care, such as suctioning, dressing changes, and cuff inflation/deflation.

  • Simulated Respiratory Function: Allows for the simulation of airflow through the tracheostomy tube, including breathing sounds and chest rise.

  • Cuff Inflation and Deflation: The ability to practice inflating and deflating tracheostomy cuff to control airflow.

  • Realistic Secretions: Simulated tracheal secretions for practicing suctioning techniques and maintaining airway hygiene.

  • Comes with mobile app companion on Google Play Store and Apple Store.