Patient Kiosk

Patient KIOSK is a patient-friendly digital reception platform that provides multiple smart services to the patients who check in at a hospital. The services range right from their digital OPD registration, updating personal details and medical conditions electronically, feeding clinical history, registering complaints, if any, to accepting feedback and suggestions as well.

It saves patient's time, facilitates easy tracking of their record. Also, offers patients the convenience to find doctor's availability for making appointments.


  • Reduces administrative costs for the organization associated with incomplete or incorrect records.
  • This KIOSK technology ensures a streamlined check-in as the patients can quickly check in, verify information, sign documents and make a payment with ease.
  • Increases Patient Satisfaction as many patients prefer to use a Kiosk and can use it at their own pace.
  • Replaces the existing staff with a self-service solution enabling staff management.